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Web Galleries  

To publish your photos on the web as HTML pages, create a Web Gallery. A web gallery is a web page with thumbnails and full-size images.

To generate a web gallery

  1. Create a new slide show project or open an existing one.
  2. Select the Tools menu and click Web Gallery.
  3. On the General tab, select a base folder where you want to save your web galleries. Select the Create in subfolder checkbox if you want the program to save the web gallery files in a subfolder inside the selected base folder.
  4. On the Style tab, select the gallery template and style. The template (HTML and JavaScript code) defines the gallery type (Slide Show, Table) and behavior. The style (CSS and image files) defines the visual representation. You can also change the options of the selected template (for example, the number of rows and columns for the Table template).
  5. On the Images tab, select the Resize slide images checkbox if you want the program to make slide images smaller. If your source images have a resolution (in pixels) larger than the one you indicate in the Size fits to selector, MySlideShow will resize them. Smaller images will be kept in their original sizes.
  6. On the Thumbnails tab, select the width and height of the thumbnails.
  7. Click on the Start button.
  8. After the creation process is completed, click on the Explore button to open the folder that the web gallery was created in. To open the web gallery in your web browser, double-click on the index.htm file.

notes.gif Notes

  • The program saves web gallery images and thumbnails in JPEG format.
  • The Rotation parameter and sounds aren't applicable to Web Galleries.

Publishing a web gallery

When you've created your web gallery, you may want to display (publish) it on the World Wide Web. Publishing a web gallery is basically copying the files to a destination, such as a Web server, where others can browse the web.

You can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or some other ways to copy your webs gallery. Create a new folder on your web server (web page) and copy the contents of the web gallery folder (including the Images, Slides, Thumbnails and WebImages subfolders) there. Then you can send the web link to the gallery to your partners and friends. The link may look like:

where: = your web server, mygallery1 = the folder on your web server, index.htm = the web page that the program created.