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Getting Started  

  • To create a new slide show project, click on the New button or select the File | New menu. Select a folder with pictures in the Folder Tree. For example, it may be your My Documents\My Pictures folder. The File List will display the picture files.
  • To add all pictures to the project, click Add All. To add a group of pictures, select several icons and click Add Selected. You can add a picture from the File List to the end of the Slide List by double-clicking.
  • To add a caption for a slide, double-click on the corresponding Caption field in the Slide List or select it, click once or press F2. Enter your caption and then press CTRL+ENTER. Another way to enter a caption is to right-click on a slide and select the Slide Caption menu item.
  • To save the project, click Save or select the File | Save menu. Enter a name for the new project.
  • To run the slide show, click Play or press CTRL+P.
  • To open the Slide Settings window, select the slide, then click the button in the Settings column (in the Details view) or press CTRL+Q or right-click on the slide and select the Slide Settings menu item.
  • To change the duration of a slide, select the Slide tab in the Slide Settings window, and then change the Advance > Automatically after value.
  • To change the transition effect of a slide, select the Transition tab in the Slide Settings window, and select one of the Transition options.
  • To select several slides in the Slide List, click on them holding CTRL. To select a sequential group of slides, click on the first slide in the group and then on the last slide holding SHIFT.
  • To change the Slide Settings for a group of slides, select them in the Slide List and then use the Slide Settings window. The changed options will be marked by a frame. Only these options will be changed when you click OK.
  • To add music, click Sound, then click Add and select one or more music files (.mp3, .wma).

Main screen


Slide right-click popup menu