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After Getting Registration Code  

After receiving your registration information you need to enter it into the program. Once the registration information is entered, the program is registered to you. To enter your registration information take the following steps:

  • Click Enter Registration Code in the Help menu or in the Welcome dialog. The Register dialog will open.
  • Enter your registration code EXACTLY the way it appear in the letter you received. You can select the code text in the registration e-mail, copy to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C) and then paste it using the Paste from Clipboard button. It's much more convenient than typing in the code manually.
  • After the registration information in entered, press the OK button. If your data was entered correctly, MySlideShow is registered to the name you entered. Your name will be displayed in the About box.

notes.gif Note

Be sure to save the registration information you received in a safe place. You will need it again if you reinstall Windows.