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A MySlideShow's album is a group of several slide shows. The program can show it as a menu and create a special version for placing on a CD. You can customize album colors and fonts, add images and captions for menu items.

To create or open an album, select the Tools menu and click Album to display Album Editor.

Album Editor

This dialog allows you to edit, save, open, show slide show albums and create their CD versions. Use the appropriate toolbar buttons to run these actions. The program saves albums in special album files (or projects). As well as a slide show file (.ssx file), an album file is a text file containing links (paths) to slide show project files, information about individual slide shows and the various album settings. Album files have a ".alx" extension.

  • To add, remove slide shows and change their order, use the buttons at the right of the slide show list.
  • To play a separate slide show, select it and click on the Play button.
  • To change the album settings, click on the Settings button.
  • To add some album background music, click Sound. MySlideShow plays the album background playlist when displays the album menu. If you start a slide show, the program pauses or continues to play the playlist depending on the Pause album playlist while playing slide shows option in the Album Settings window.
  • To change the caption of a slide show item, right-click on the item and select Change Caption.
  • To set an image that will present a slide show item in the album menu, right-click on the item and use the Menu Item Image menu to open an image file from a disk or select one of the images of the selected slide show.
  • To set up the album menu style (color, caption font, menu background), click Style.

Album Settings

Use the Album Settings window to set the size of menu images and menu items, change colors, fonts and the title of the album.

Output or CD Albums

To create an output or CD version of the current album, click on the Output Album toolbar button. Select a folder on your hard drive where you want to store the output album and then click on the Start button.

notes.gif Note
To create and manage output albums, use the same technique as described in the Executable Slide Shows topic for slide shows.