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How to Order?  

The prices are listed here:

Online Orders

The simplest way to register is by registering online with a credit card through a secure server. Point your browser to the following URL and follow instructions on the screen:

After processing your order a receipt letter will be sent to the e-mail address you've pointed. The registration code will be sent within 24 hours (normally 12 hours). If you haven't received the receipt letter or your registration code within 24 hours after your online order, please contact us at [email protected]. Often users point wrong e-mail addresses or e-mail servers reject letters because of incorrect anti-SPAM filters.

In order to place a phone, fax, or mail order you should know the identification number of the product you want to order: 1602-4

Telephone and Fax Orders

Toll Free: 877-353-7297
Regular (International): 425-392-2294

Toll Free: 888-353-7276
Regular (International): 425-392-0223

Add $2.50 per order for Fax Orders or $3 for Telephone orders.

Please note that these numbers are for orders ONLY!

Paying by Check via Postal Mail

Please make sure you make your check payable to "Register Now!". Provide all of the information on the regular order form except credit card information. Please also make sure you include the department number (product's id): 1602-8.
Please mail checks to:

Register Now!
Dept# 1602-8
PO Box 1816
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States of America

Add $2.50 per order for Mail orders.