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Project Settings  

To change the settings of the current project, click the Settings button at the right of the Slide List or use the SlideShow | Project Settings menu. The Project Settings window contains the General and Advanced tabs. If you click the Save as Defaults button, MySlideShow will ask if you want to use the current project settings for each new project you create.

General settings

  • To repeat the slide show after the last slide has been shown, select the Repeat checkbox.
  • To close the slide show after the last slide has been shown, select Close after finish.
  • To shuffle the slides during the show and ignore the order you set, select Random order.
  • To hide captions, clear the Show Captions checkbox.
  • To display a timer at the top-left corner during the slide show, select Show timer.
  • To hide the mouse pointer, select the Hide mouse pointer checkbox.
  • To display the Start Screen, which allows you to view the slide images as Previews and Filmstrip, select Show Start Screen.
  • To display the Slide Thumbnail Panel during the slide show, select Show Thumbnail Panel during slide show.
  • To change the sound volume, use the Volume: Sync/Background and Slide-specific sliders. The "...during Slide-specific" slider allows you reduce the volume of the Sync Playlist when the program displays a slide that contains its own playlist or an embedded video clip.

Advanced settings

  • To display the navigation bar during the slide show, select the Show Navigation Bar checkbox. To hide/show the separate bar buttons and to change the bar screen position, click on the Customize button.
  • To hide/show the separate items of the slide show pop-up menu, click on the corresponding Customize button.
  • To display the file name, size, date and the current slide number at the bottom of the screen, select the Show file information... checkbox.
  • To open the Help window with the File info parameters, click on the ? button. The program uses the File info text template to display the information text during the slide show.
  • To customize actions for left and right mouse clicks, click on the Mouse Click Actions button.
  • To make your output slide shows time limited (that is useful for professional photographers), click on the Trial Functionality button. You can use a plain HTML file (without images) for the expiration dialog. See ExpirationInfoSample.html in the program folder.

Click OK when you finish changing the project settings.