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For powerful features, ease of use, ultra-intuitive Graphical User Interface, beautiful transitions, tons of configurability .. no other PC product has what MySlideShow offers! Even more impressive is the Customer/Tech Support .. responsive as no other I've seen!

Jim, Stone Mountain, GA

A few years ago, when my son announced his upcoming wedding, I knew my wife and I would have to host the rehearsal dinner. As part of the evening's entertainment, I wanted to show a slide show that I would develop. I contacted a few slide show developers and found that surprisingly, the cost wasn't prohibitive to have someone else do the work. I felt a stranger could not make the presentation as personalized. Also, I am a perfectionist and felt they wouldn't put in the time and effort that I could.

It all began when I was watching U Tube and saw a 13 year old's presentation of her Bat Mitzvah party. She had developed it herself. I thought if she could do it, perhaps there was hope for me. The only issue is I am not computer illiterate but close to it.

I searched the internet and was attracted to the large amount of testimonials on the My Slide Show website. The price seem reasonable for its value. I was particularly attracted to customer's raves about the technical service they had received from My Slide Show. I knew if I ever had a chance of developing a presentation I was going to need help; a lot of help.

To make the long story shorter, I was totally thrilled with the My Slide Show product. The slide show that I produced for my son's wedding, was very professional and many of the viewers complemented me on its quality. My Slide Show has so many interesting and useful features for developing the slide show. The downloading and editing features are very, very user friendly. I have added music to all my projects and I particularly enjoy the features for timing, fading music in and out. The time line tracks the slides and lets you know when music starts and stops. The resulting presentation transfers beautifully to DVD for large screen viewing or TV viewing. But without a doubt the most valuable feature of all is the outstanding customer support Andrew provides. His patience, expertise and friendly manner are extremely rare in today's marketplace. Since my son's wedding, I have developed many slide shows of family celebrations and vacation trips. I have even prepared slide shows as a gift. Some of the recipients have told me it was the nicest gift the have ever received.

I better stop here because I could rave about My Slide Show for several pages. It has helped me preserve many memories of things I hold dear in life-family and vacations.

Many Thanks Andrew,
Stan Gershenson

For years I have searched for a good, solid, simple slideshow program designed specifically for photographers.  My search ended when I found MySlideShow Gold and tried it out.  I've used it to rave reviews all across Canada and the United States and have yet to run into a problem seamlessly integrating images, videos and audio into fantastic shows that wow audiences of all types.  I would highly recommend MySlideShow Gold to pc users around the world.  It's well worth the money.

John E. Marriott

John E. Marriott is one of Canada's premier wildlife and nature photographers and is a regular contributor to Canadian Geographic and Outdoor Photography Canada magazines.

I used the program for my 6,000 European holiday photos and it was absolutely brilliant. The whole effect was awesome and brings my holiday back to life. Others also get to appreciate the DVD's without having to look over someone's shoulder at a photo album. The music just adds to the whole experience. Needless to say I had bagpipe music for the Scotland DVD. It is a great product and I have highly recommended it to family, friends and acquaintances.

Vicky Blizzard

Just wanted to let you know that after just 3 days of using your trial version of MySlideShow Gold I've ordered the program. I was like a kid in a candy shop after building just 1 slide show and couldn't wait until I could start another project. What sold me was the simple straight forward way you have built this program. You didn't load the program down with a lot of "bells & whistles" that would be seldom used. The final thing that sold me was your rapid & correct response to my several problems getting started. This kind of service is unheard of these days. I plan to share my experience and information about your product to all my family, friends, and neighbors.

Charles Robin

I am using the program to make a slide show of our recent trip to Israel. I had looked at various slide show programs, but they all seemed to lack very basic features. I have used your program for a couple of days and tested making an executable file. It is very easy to use and has the features that were essential: being able to require a mouse click to advance individual slides, flexibility in the placement of captions, and being able to insert a blank text slide.

Thank you and have a happy and healthy new year,
Richard Perlin

If you ever need a positive recommendation you can use me. Not only because of your excellent customer care, but for the product. You may or may not know that I tried / looked at no less then 10 or more other slideshow options before deciding on MySlideShow Gold. Yours was by far superior in user friendliness, and what the package includes for the money.

David F Wynn

I'm a totally satisfied user of MySlideShow since 2005. The new version has features that will be very helpful in my professional activity as a Trager Instructor. Thumbnails in Slide list and settings for every slide are great! Those features will save me a great deal of time in arranging very large sets of slides. Moreover, Thumbnail Strip in Slide show is exactly what I need when I have to "jump out of my track" to answer the questions of my students.

Piermario Clara

Sometimes you strike it lucky. Trying to find a quality software package like MySlideShow Gold is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But when you do, it's well worth the look. The program is nicely designed, priced and supported. But above that, it's wonderfully user-friendly. It really does think for you. I couldn't be happier.

Roger - New Zealand

I bought a copy of MySlideShow Gold 2 on the strength of the reviews on your website.  (Ya'll got the registration code to me in short order, but the software totally appeared to be fully functional without it, which was nice).  I was not disappointed.  Preliminary experiments (with on-hand pictures and mp3 files) looked promising and the baby DVD test (six minutes of slides-n-music) I did worked just fine.

Anyway.  I am writing to tell you that MySlideShow Gold is a clean, organized, very useful piece of software.  It is intuitive.  I know that the whole world of point-n-click software is SUPPOSED to be intuitive, but ten years in the tech support trenches of a rural ISP has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that "intuitive" isn't, for most people.  This software was carefully designed to be easy-to-use and it *shows*.  The ramp-up time for me to look like I knew what I was doing was minimal and I did not have to read any instructions to use your software. 

Every thing that I wanted to be able to do, the software did and I could find where to do it and how to do it and it all made sense.  Every single thing.  It shuffles slides.  It's smart enough to wrap the slides if there's too much music for the amount of slides.  It adds captions. I can change font size and color for the captions and I can put the captions in different places on the screen.  I can set options for fonts PER SLIDE or I can set 'em globally.  I can pick what kind of wipes I want between slides and eliminate any I find less-appealing but it's pre-loaded with a nice wide variety of wipes so that you can just use the default thing and people won't get bored.

Jessica U. Gothie

I have just ordered MySlideShow Gold over the internet. Why?  Because I found the evaluation version to be a fantastic product.  Your developers have achieved the holy trinity in consumer software.  It is simple and intuitive to use, it is full featured, and it is flexible.  What’s more, it is very stable, and is great for easily sharing my slideshows.  I have been searching and trialing slideshow software for some time to help me with my large photo and graphics slideshow project, and this was the only one that came anywhere near to suiting my needs.  Well done to all at Anix Software.

Ian Lockley
Western Australia

Just a note to compliment you on creating the best and most complete slide show software on the market.
I am a professional entertainer who includes movie trivia and more in my karaoke shows as well as trivia games on DVDs that I do at children's parties.  I have tried every slide program available from those requiring special viewers to those that produce flash slide shows.  However, I have never found one as complete and well written as yours.
You have definitely covered all bases and I just want to say thanks for a great product.

Steve @ In Touch Creations, Inc.

I returned from a summer vacation trip in Italy and Sicily in 2005. Having a digital camera, and a pocket full of flash memory cards, I returned with over 2400 pictures. I needed a slide show program for a family get together. I searched the internet, (Google) and found many programs. I used quite a few on a trial basis before I found yours. Many were limited by the number of pictures, music, type of music files, no edit capabilities, no transitions, PC only and no DVD.

MySlideShow won over all of the other programs, and there are many out there, believe me! You are competitive with price, very easy to use from the get go, progressive upgrades to stay current with user requests and problems, if any, and most of all a quick knowledgeable technical support team.

The DVD’s came out great! Loaded with random Italian music, and transitions, added delays on selected pictures and creative notes on the title slides to indicate where we visited. Everyone thought I had the DVD’s made at a professional studio! Thanks to all for a great versatile easy to use program.

John Collignon

Your program is spectacular - it does exactly everything I have wanted a slide show program to do. I recently returned from France and made a DVD, with music, of the trip and sent a copy to everyone I traveled with. I have received nothing but raving reviews. I make sure I tell everyone where I got the program. Your technical support is prompt and precise, something all to lacking from so many software manufacturers. Thanks a million for the program and your technical support.

Bob Frazee

I’ve spent the weekend evaluating slideshow software for creating slideshows on PC and showing them on a 42” TV/plasma screen. MySlideShow is by far the most elegant, simple, and logical – and with fantastic end results. It’s a pleasure to use and from now on it will be the one programme we use for showing all our digital photos.

Peter Adamson

I would like to take the opportunity to say what I find positive about your software:

  • Easy and friendly to use, it is easy to move photos to different positions (sequence).
  • The software works well with real images (not images whose resolution has been reduced by the software), this is especially important if one is working with professional beamers which are able to supply quality. This was probably one of the main reasons why I chose your software. I use a large Sony Cybershot with Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens, I want to see quality in the photographs (2-5MB) when I’m projecting them via beamer.
  • The integration of music is very easy in your software.
  • Text or graphic generated via Photoshop can easily be integrated into the slide show.

Stephan Haasmann

I don’t normally bother to write this kind of letter but as I was so impressed with your product I thought I would just let you know.

I am Head of IT at an Independent school in the UK and was asked to produce a presentation for the parents using the photographs taken on a school trip.
There was not time to do it all in PowerPoint (12 hours notice to produce a presentation the following morning using over 200 images) so while browsing the Net for an alternative I came across your product.

It had all the features that I was looking for (slide transitions, ability to add captions etc), is versatile, very well designed and intuitive to use.

The ability to produce autorun CD’s and web-based slide shows are an added bonus and make it excellent value for money.

This was one of many such packages I downloaded. The rest were discarded but this one fits the bill perfectly and will certainly get it registered before its 30 days runs out.

I would recommend it to anyone and my only regret is that I didn’t come across it sooner.

Yours faithfully
Mike Curtis

I really love your product and am having a blast creating terrific shows. Far better than anything I've ever been able to do. Just fantastic!

Kind regards,
Marc Sylvain

I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the software I downloaded and registered.  I tried out literally a dozen shareware packages to select a slide show creator over the past several months.  Your software stands head and shoulders above the rest - combining both ease of use with a tremendous amount of user control on configuring the slide show.


In any event, this software is stunning and amazing!
Congratulations for a great product.  Your programmer obviously paid great attention to the details!
Doug Auxier, Michigan

I am a photographer and produce portfolio CDs for my clients. On part of the CD I include a slide show of the portfolio including music (copyright to me of course) and this is the best slide show generator I have come across. It is intuitive and versatile - the Help file was hardly needed at all.
My Slide Show does everything anyone would ever need in a slide show.
Congratulations again
Mel Davies, UK

I am very, very impressed with MySlideShow.
First, it does everything I knew I wanted:

1. Basic slide shows with navigation capability
2. The ability to deliver self-contained slide shows on CDs to others who do not have the program
3. The ability to create a web-page with photos and good navigation capability

There were other features that I didn't know I wanted until I played with them while trying out the program:

4. Transition effects
5. The ability to add sound to shows, either as background or synchronized with individual slides
6. The ability to create VCDs or DVDs with slide shows on them, so they can be shown on home video systems as well as computers.

And finally:

7. OUTSTANDING customer support:

  a. The first problem I encountered had already been fixed in the beta version on the anixsoft site.
  b. I reported a problem in the beta version, and it was fixed overnight!
  c. I asked if they were going to support higher resolution MPEG on VCD/DVD, and they had already done so.

Kudos and thanks to Anix Software!

Steve Zucker

Dear Anix Software,

In the last three days it has been like torture trying to produce a simple slide show for the owner of a house that we are remodeling. I have tried three programs from major software companies and a couple of other shareware utilities, but with very poor quality results from all of them - when I could even get a slide show on CD or VCD to even work as intended.

Your program is ten times better than everything I've tried!

It was such a relief to be able to produce an album on a CD with eight slide shows showing each phase of the remodeling project, and have something so good looking and so simple to use by anyone, computer expert or not, and all that in such a short time and with no technical problems whatsoever.
I am amazed! Keep up the good work!

Marios K.
Chicago, IL

Thank you very much. This is definitely one of the best graphics programs ever done. Keep up the good work.

Rick Smith

Thank you. This program is one of the most user friendly I have ever downloaded. It's a tremendous bargain and I'm happy to pay the licensing fee to use it. Good work!

Brad Peyton

I just have to tell you the full version program is great! I no longer have to hope that people have PowerPoint to see my pictures and the ability to caption each photo is super.

Bob Kochman

This is absolutely the most friendly, powerful, easy to use program I have ever used. Thanks!

Dr. Greg Lousignont

I just wanted to tell you that I have been reviewing different slide show programs for my personal use.  I must have "tested" or looked at 10 different programs. Yours had just about everything I was looking for.
It had all of the features I felt were important.

That is why I just bought my registration.

Carl Doan

I am probably like most people with a digital camera. The convenience is nice, but the images tend to get trapped in my computer -- out of sight. I print a few, but printing digital images quickly gets expensive (why not switch back to film and one hour processing). I have tried all kinds of software programs designed to help me get my digital photos out into the real world, but none has solved the problem for me. Then, I found MySlideShow. My first "show" was a masterpiece. The combination of Beethoven's Fur Elise with digital images - and a few AVI video clips - from a recent trip to Belgium brought tears to my eyes. Now, I am letting all my images out of my computer; this has closed the digital photography loop for me. What I like best is the ability to create a slide program and burn it to a video CD, in just a few clicks, using an ordinary CD RW drive. A DVD RW drive is not required! I play these video CDs on a personal DVD player or to a TV set up. My CD case full of video CDs is better than lugging around print photo albums. Thanks Anix Software!

Pieter 'Pete' Burggraaf
Wickenburg AZ

I've just updated to your new version of MySlideShow(2) and, I must say, you've outdid yourselves! The ease of putting a slide show together has become so much easier to time to music.
My hat's off to all those involved in this new version.

Mike Miller
Northern Lights Photography

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